NFT image of coder girl

I’m trying to gather resources to fund the development of this public good blockchain development guide and so I got my fren Ana Rueda (@ruedart) to create this amazing graphic for the Mirror NFT edition. The funds will go to the continued development of this guide (90%) and to Ana for the creation of the art (10%). I’m open to discussion on how to structure the open collaboration around the guide and to allocating the funds into a community-owned multi-sig. The goal is to use the funds gathered on Mirror, Gitcoin grants round 13 and elsewhere to incentivize developers to create sections through bounty submissions. If this idea doesn’t gather appeal, then I will send the funds to the Gitcoin grants matching round so that other public goods get funded. Links to support the development of the blockchain development guide:

  • Mirror NFTs
  • Gitcoin grants (Gitcoin grants round 13 goes from march 9th - 24th, happens recurrently every 3 months)
  • Alternatively you can donate to the devpillme.eth Ethereum address before I setup a multisig and decentralize the guide and its resources