Developer ecosystem

Projects on Starknet

Starknet is a new ecosystem that is built from scratch unlike a lot of other ecosystems that reuse the Ethereum virtual machine, this means that other developers are not able to easily port their codebases from popular languages like Solidity or Vyper into Cairo without knowing Cairo already and being prepared to fix bugs and adding features that Warp does not support. Even though it’s new there is a remarkably strong, organics and active growing developer community on Starknet.

Non-exhaustive list:

How to find a job in the Starknet ecosystem

If you know Cairo, then do not worry, because there are a lot of projects looking for developers to build on Starknet. There are various different ways to go about it. I recommend going through the Getting a job section on

The first thing to getting job is having a portfolio of demo projects through which you can showcase your knowledge and experience with Cairo and building on Starknet. Building applications in public and making them open-source is a great way to get noticed by projects hiring for Starknet developers. I recommend posting about the things that you build on Twitter and engaging in conversations around the Starknet ecosystem as that will get you on the radar of the relevant people in the space.

You can also check out different job boards for positions that require Cairo. There is also a Starknet specific job board put up by the Alpha Road Team.

My personal tip is to also go to Starknet related events at Ethereum conferences and approaching different people in the Starknet ecosystem to see whether they might be hiring someone with Cairo skills in your field of interest.