Social capital expresses how much influence you have within social circles, good metrics to denominate social capital in are:

  • relevant followers across social platforms within the industry
  • reputation formed by building, creating, contributing to the space
  • friends in the space that will help you grow, that you can learn from, that you can rely on, that you can discuss your ideas with and get constructive criticism from.
  • connections with people that can introduce you or vouch for you in different situations
  • etc

There’s various methods to accrue social capital which will be talked about within this guide and will be expanded upon over time. Most consist in outputting relevant content, networking and interacting with people in the space, building products, contributing to the ecosystem in different ways, providing value (or fun), and many other methods.

In order to meet ‘good’ people in the space you also need to spend your time in the right places and doing the right things, this guide will help you streamline your focus and save time by not wasting it in places where people are not listening or places which are used to achieve different goals from accruing social capital.

Another important aspect of accruing social capital is putting out content which other people find interesting, engaging, relevant or valuable. As a developer in the space, your content should provide valuable to other people within the space: to developers, and other people wanting to get a more technical overview of the field/products/projects you’re working on. There’s also lots of potential to accrue social capital by creating educational resources like trivia, fun facts, guides, tutorials, reviews, talks, discussions, debates, etc. A good example of this is itself, where me (dcbuild3r) contributing content to this public good guide helps others know about me and that I’m creating a resource that is benefiting anyone, people who are interested in learning about blockchain development follow me.