Social interactions

When you are on the social platforms mentioned above you should target the people that help you grow, and make connections with them.

  • experts in your preferred field of interest

If you talk to people with expertise in the fields that you want to become skilled in, then you’ll have a much easier time learning them, you’ll get good connections that will propel you forward in your career and you will also most likely have more opportunities and resources to grow as a developer by getting hired, getting tips on how to learn about your specialization field efficiently and more!

  • people trying to learn the same things you are learning

It is good to share ideas and have two way feedback on any topic you are learning from other people learning the same material you are, especially if they are more experienced than you are. Another good reason to learn in groups (ideally pairs) is that teaching is the best way to solidify your own knowledge as when you have to explain a complex topic simply, you need to have a good understanding of any given topic so that you are capable of explaining it. More on this in the Mastery section.

  • people building other primitives in the web3/crypto space (expand horizons)

As someone trying to learn more about blockchain development, especially when you are starting out, it is great to explore at the beginnning and try many different things before you start specializing in any given field of development. That’s why you should follow the most proficient people in different fields in order to get a bird’s eye view of the space. Also I recommend reading over other sections within so that you can see what is out there to learn.