Content Stategy

In order to amass social capital, putting out good content out into different popular social platforms is crucial as people like to follow individuals and groups that they can get value from. E.g.: if you start talking about building in DeFi, then individuals interested in DeFi will start to follow you, like and retweet your posts, engage to conversations in comments, etc. As a blockchain developer in any specialization there’s different ways in which you can provide interesting content and distribute it across different social platforms.

  • document > create at the beginning When you start out as a blockchain developer you usually won’t have any novel findings, cool things that you are building or projects you are working on, so it is good to share your own learning proccess and your journey becoming a blockchain developer.
    • talk about your learnings in your journey:
      It is good to talk about different resources you are using to learn the topics you are interested in, share it with others and tell them how it has helped you learn about a specific topic, also provide commentary and helpful tips which might be missed by people only skimming through the resources and haven’t gone into depth.
    • talk about the tools you use: Developers love to talk about their tooling, what libraries they use, what IDE and extensions they use to write code, what services, and applications they use on a daily basis to organize themselves and be productive, and much more.
    • ask questions about the things you are learning: chances are that many people following you have had the same questions as you in the past and they can provide you with a lot of helpful insight about any given topic
    • be active in threads in that are relevant to your interests: if there relevant events happening within the space that you are interested in, it is a good idea to engage in public discourse with other people around those events in order to get a better overview of what’s happening and to try to extract valuable information / learnings out of it
  • retweet things that happen within your field of interest with commentary / opinions
  • summarize articles, talks, events, updates, discuss code within the projects / fields that interest you.
  • shitpost (express your own personality / be yourself) for engagement (grows your network whilst having fun): Be creative, development doesn’t need to be everything you talk about, many also use social platforms to make friends and have fun, so you can also do funny content, light-hearted threads on any given topic, post pictures of your dog, or whatever you want. Expressing your own individuality is also useful to create your own personal brand on socials.