Self Development

To reach your peak, you need to create a sustainable set of habits that will allow you to keep working hard consistently. Since we are all human beings, we need to keep our bodies in check, as they are the hosts for our brains responsible for producing bug-free code. Note that this section is not professional advice as I am not an expert in these fields, and I am not a licensed advisor. If you want guidance in any areas covered, please consult with an expert trainer, nutritionist, therapist, coach, etc.

Working out

Exercise is an integral part of life as it allows the body to maintain physical fitness, health, and overall wellness. Developers are usually portrayed in modern culture as people who do not exercise very often, as sedentary people who sit on a chair all day and do not prioritize their health. It is essential to be active throughout the day even though we are programming most of the time. I recommend using a standing desk that you can adjust for any height. You can stand up and keep coding when you are tired of sitting. Some individuals also get a small walking board underneath the table to walk while coding.

Another good technique is a slight modification of the Pomodoro technique that replaces the break period with a short exercise period. The most prevalent version consists of 45 minutes of focused work and a 15-minute workout. I like to alternate activities during the workout period.

Other positive effects of exercising are clearer thinking as the brain has more oxygen inflow, stronger immune, cardiovascular system, and more. For more guidance on achieving physical fitness and what exercises to do, please consult with an expert.


Nutrition is an area that is very easy to overlook, especially when an individual is young and their metabolism can deal with living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Eating the right amounts of food within a varied diet is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and everyone should take it seriously. For more information, please consult with a nutritionist or dietary expert or do your research as nutrition varies a lot per individual, and I’m not qualified to give advice.


Self-development is a very wide topic and there’s a lot more to improve than health, fitness and nutrition. You can improve your mindset, define your own values and create systems that will allow you to uphold those values as you go about life, there’s spiritual discovery, learning about various aspects of life, etc. Most of these other topics although significant do not have a direct impact on your performance as a developer, so I’ll refrain from talking about them. Feel free to suggest any changes to this section via GitHub pull request.