Twitter is the place to find a blockchain development job, LinkedIn is rarely used for hiring talent in the space, although it’s not too uncommon either. As most of the web3/crypto culture resides on Twitter, it is a natural place for developers, founders, creators and users to hangout together. The more value you provide to the community, the more following you’ll get, therefore the more outreach as a developer. All teams are thirsty for good developers and so the more relevant followers you have, the more chances you’ll get of being discovered by a team looking to hire a blockchain developer in your field of expertise. Building up your Twitter reputation can propel you forwards more than you’d expect, a lot of friendships, partnerships and collaborations have been initiated through Twitter and it is currently the place to account for social value (clout) in the space.

If you manage to demonstrate mastery of any given skill within web3, then you are guaranteed a position pretty much anywhere as all teams are looking for talent. If you are just starting out, but you show a strong drive and initiative to learn then many teams will ask to take you under their wing in order to upscale your skills by getting your hands dirty and learning while building as you go. By being active on relevant social platforms like Twitter, Discord and Telegram and socializing with the right people, finding a job becomes relatively easy as everyone is looking to hire talent.