Once you start having a solid foundational skillset within blockchain development you can start looking for junior positions in your area of interest. One of the best parts of web3 is that many projects have open-source codebases which make it much easier to contribute to. There are various structures in web3 that allow a developer to get paid for their work, some of them are:

  • working for a company that is building a web3 product
  • setting up a grant through Gitcoin
  • Getting bounties by working for DAOs
  • find vulnerabilities in applications, protocols and contracts for security bounties through platforms like ImmuneFi
  • being a DAO core contributor and getting paid with bounties

The easiest way to find a job is being active in the social platforms of the projects you’d like to be hired at or contribute to, e.g. if you want to become a smart contract developer at Uniswap, then talk to the team on Discord, suggest them new features, implement mockups, apply for a grant and if you are good enough someone will notice and try to hire you to work on it full-time within the DAO itself or for Uniswap Labs which is the core team leading the smart contract development efforts. The most important thing is to show initiative, being proactive and openly talking about helping. If you come across something interesting also don’t forget to post it on Twitter or on Telegram.

In order to find interesting projects to work for, web3 devs look at Twitter as it’s the place where everything unfolds and where every single project lives. If you build out a reputation as a good blockchain developer, then you’ll start getting DMs from interesting people and projects as there is an extreme lack of talent in the space and insatiable demand for good developers.