Web3 templates

When you are building web3 applications you usually start with a template. A template is just a group of libraries, pre-built user interfaces, and another tooling that create a favorable environment to build your application. A lot of the initial hard work to set up a project can be reused across projects to save time and effort on building redundant infrastructure. Many web3 templates have support for smart contracts out of the box which is what you’ll be interacting with most of the time as a front-end developer. It is good to know the basics of smart contracts and understand how to get a contract factory out of the ABI to call its methods within your user interface. That’s the biggest overhead when building in web3 in comparison to being a frontend developer in web2 where you only have to care about fetching data from REST or GraphQL APIs.

You can build your own templates depending on your needs, or modify already existing ones. Popular web3 templates include: