Further learning and development

By now you have learned a solid technology stack that can enable you to build all kinds of user interfaces for web3 apps. In order to really engrain these technologies, you need to build pet projects or join a team full-time, even if you only know a few of them you can join a team and get upscaled there as your learning will be supercharged by more experienced coworkers that will act as mentors most of the times. The front-end development landscape is constantly evolving new technologies will come and go, it is in your best interest to look at trends in the industry and try adapting them once they are a clear sign of them becoming adopted. You will keep improving your technology stack over time especially as you become more senior and you are able to reason why you want to use one tool over the other and how it fits into the needs of the applications that you are building.

Build, Build, Build! Try creating small projects that implement ideas you come up with and practice the technologies you want to master. Also, don’t be shy to ask questions to other web3 developers, and form learning groups with your friends, or other industry members.

Also, read over the Getting a Job and Mastery sections of this guide to get more insight into soft skills which are useful to learn to grow as a developer.